About Us

We are a creative couple who love to eat, drink and travel. Our passion for cooking and our love for mexican gastronomy gave us the motivation to introduce our food to the market, which is created using authentic mexican techniques to produce irresistible aromas and flavours that represents inspirational mexican food  and the high value of London’s food scene.

Elsa Galvez

Elsa is Mexican and she has been working in hospitality for over 7 years. She has always been a lover of food, following her cultural curiosity on many culinary adventures. This passion crystallized when she realized that food is an important part of the story for every family and culture. Through this exploration, she has decided to blend her enthusiasm for food with her goals as a artist to document these stories.

Michal Gaffke

Michal is Polish and has been working as a chef for almost 10 years in London, UK. After finishing college, his entire cooking experience has developed throughout the years living in London and the multiple visits to the beautiful country of Mexico with Elsa.

Michal serendipitously turn what started out as a temporary job in the restaurant industry into a career. His love for cooking and his enthusiasm for mexican gastronomy gave him the inspiration to produce this contemporary mexican street food.

Pink Cactus brings variety and spice to your life. We admire authentic mexican food because is vibrant and it tastes delicious. If you want to know more you can get in touch on our contact form.