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Mexican street food is all about food straight out of the street carts steaming fresh tortillas, fresh colourful vegetables and hot succulent meats. Every bite fills senses and satisfies your hunger, that is an experience that you can only get when every dish is prepared from scratch.

We have over 10 years of experience in catering to fall back on and we are very creative therefore we can also offer something more unique for your special event. Wether you're looking for a four course sit down dinner, buffet or a vibrant street food menu, we guarantee a memorable food experience for you and your guests.

Please get in touch at to share your ideas with us.

Oh! and if you ever want to suggest a location or a show for us to visit, we would love to hear about it, just go ahead, e-mail us. We’ll be pleased to get your message.
With us you'll find flavours you know and love but you'll also discover new flavours that you've probably never tasted in the UK. If you love great food come to meet us. We will let you know shortly our location in the streets of London and the opening times. In the mean time make sure you like our Pink Cactus Facebook Page to be kept up to date on our exclusive online offers and news.

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